Liquidations & Asset Restructuring

Custom Solutions for Corporate Services

Working in partnership with our Corporate Advisory partners / Audit & Accountancy bodies we provide flexible solutions to:

  • Value and appraise your equipment for Balance Sheet adjustments
  • Support the disposal of underperforming assets
  • Assist and support in the event of business wind down, liquidation and/or acquisition
  • Advise on the purchase of new equipment and the generation of equity in used.
  • Mergers / Liquidations / Acquisitions / Balance Sheet Management

  • Equipment Appraisal / Valuation / Assessment & Management

  • Fleet Reduction / Additions / Company Liquidation /Mergers / Takeovers

  • Increase Return On Assets / Market Reach / Specialised Sales Process

To find out more on how to achieve greater value for your clients in the event of restructure, liquidation or a merger talk to us today.

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